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Nat With Uke, a ukulele technique and jam class.

Uke With Nat

Nat Quick hosts this monthy ukulele technique classes right here at the One Three shop.   More info and sign-up form here!

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Gibson EB-1 Headstock Repair

We just wrapped up a headstock repair which ended up being a bit of a project.  This 1953 Gibson EB-1 had a broken headstock which had been previously repaired. Our task was to…

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One Three Talks Tone #1 – Matt Avitable

Last week, the One Three crew was chatting about our various guitar rigs we had set up, and it was pretty facinating to learn about the different approaches we all took to…

Gurian File with Fret Erasers Attached

Fretwork Repetitive Stress

People that repair guitars know that fretwork can be hard on the body.  Consider what goes into a basic fret level and dress (we’ll simplify the process for brevity’s…

Gibson Gothic Explorer

Gothic Explorer Setup

Sometimes a guitar needs a bit of extra TLC.  This 2000 Gibson Gothic Explorer had been stored for many years and unfortunately the elements got to it.  Here’s how the…

Hipshot String Bending System


What’s a B-Bender? Well, if you want to make your guitar sound like a pedal steel, or if you want a bit of that “country” tone, a B-Bender might be for you. A…

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