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One Three Guitar is Richmond’s premier destination for fretted instrument repair.  We routinely handle the basics such as restrings, setups, and electronics, as well as more involved repairs such as fretwork and structural fixes.

Repair Shop Status

Updated: 05/07/2024

We’re up and running! We expect a 3 day turnaround time (or less) for setups at the moment.  Fretwork is sitting at about a 1 week turnaround.

Here are the types of work we currently have capacity for:

Structural (cracks, etc.)
Fret Work:
Amp Repair:
Neck Resets:x


When your instrument feels difficult to play, buzzes on the frets, or sounds out of tune (after you have tuned it up), the instrument might need a setup.  After a setup, your instrument will play at top of its capabilities.   Here are some of the things included in a setup:

  • Clean
  • Polish frets
  • Clean and oil fretboard
  • Tighten hardware
  • Replace missing hardware
  • Restring
  • Adjust neck (truss rod)
  • Balance tremolo system
  • Set action to matching the board radius
  • File nut slots to correct height
  • Set intonation
  • Inspect and clean electronics (semi-hollows require additional labor)
  • Set pickup heights or balance under saddle element output

Below are our bench rates for setups.  Parts and strings are not included.   If the expected total will exceed this number, we’ll contact you to discuss.

Electric Guitar SetupsRate
6-String Electric, hardtail75
4 or 5 String Electric Bass75
Bigsby's & Strats w/ floating bridges85
6-String Electric, double locking trem (e.g. Floyd Rose)95
12-String Electric150
Acoustic Instrument SetupsRate
6 String Acoustic Guitar75
Classical Guitar75
Mandolin, Banjo95
Taylor with NT neck (includes neck reset)95
12 String Acoustic115
Ovation 6 String150


Things get busy in the shop, so we unfortunately can’t accommodate walk-in requests for restrings.  However, we can typically restring for you by the next day.  Strings are not included in the prices below.

We carry D’addario, Ernie Ball, and GHS strings in the shop, but if those aren’t what you need, please feel free to bring any strings you’d like us to install.

6-String electric, hardtail, Strat, or Bigsby equipped35
6-string acoustic35
Everything elseTime / Materials

Common Add-Ons

These are commonly requested (or required, depending on circumstances) items which accompany a setup.

New Bone NutIncludes bone blank.90
New Bone SaddleIncludes bone blank.90
Shim NutIf the nut slots on the guitar are too low, and if the nut is easily removable and in good condition, we may recommend this more cost effective option of lifting the height of the nut and recutting the slots in lieu of replacing the nut entirely.40
Shim for Bolt-On NeckCommon for Fender electric guitars, especially offsets (e.g. Jazzmaster). Required if the neck angle does not allow for setting the action properly. Includes precision fitted neck shim.35


We are dealers for Fralin Pickups and LR Baggs Amplification.

Electronics can be challenging to estimate, because every guitar has different wiring methods.  A few notes about the estimates:

  • Parts are not included
  • If we need to loosen a tremolo (such as a Floyd Rose or Ibanez Edge) to access the electronics, a setup is required.
  • Estimate +50% for work on semihollow guitars, where access to the electronics is through the F holes only.

Diagnostic labor is common, as sometimes we need to research a problem to determine the root cause.  This is charged at time and materials.

Replace Output Jack25
Replace Pickup (electric guitar) x150
Replace Pickup (electric guitar) x275
Replace Pickup (electric guitar) x385
Replace Pickup Switch40
Replace Potentiometer40
Install Acoustic Guitar Pickup60
Full Rewire, Electric Guitar150 - 275


When your frets aren’t healthy, your guitar may produce unwanted fret buzz, and in extreme cases you may not be able to play certain notes (fretting out).  There’s a few common situations where your frets may need some attention:

  • Divots in frets due to wear and tear
  • Loose frets
  • Some new guitars ship with frets than aren’t level

Typical repair options for repairing frets are a level and dress, gluing and clamping loose frets, and fret replacement (refret).

Estimates below do not include setup or parts costs.  For refrets, cost of fretwire is typically $15 – $45, depending on the wire selected.

Dressing fret ends
Level & Dress115
Level & Dress - Heavy wear and/or crowning225
Glue & clamp loose frets75
Refret (unbound ebony, rosewood, or pau ferro)350
Full Refret (bound fretboard)400
Full Refret (maple finished fretboard)500


We provide an estimate for all structural fixes.  These are some common fixes we perform, and the rates can be considered ball park starting points.  Parts are not included.

Repair Loose Brace40
Reattach Acoustic Guitar Bridge (requires setup). This repair is typically on the low end of the cost range, but there are situations which require additional labor: If the top of the guitar has been damaged due to the bridge lifting, we may need to patch the top of the guitar with new wood. Similarly, if the bridge has been repaired before, often times additional labor is required to clean up the old repair and patch the top as well.150 - 350
Repair Headstock Crack (no touch up, requires setup)150
Neck Reset - Martin / Gibson 6 String. Setup included, bone nut & saddle not included. Refret recommended.600
Neck Reset - Guild 6 or 12 String.Call

What to Expect

Bringing in your instrument to us is like bringing your car to an auto repair shop. We’ll collect your contact information and create a repair ticket for you.

We might have some questions for you about your instrument and playing style. For example:

  • What style of music are you playing?
  • What tuning do you keep your instrument in?
  • If we are changing strings, what gauge strings do you prefer?
  • Do you prefer your string action high, medium, or low?

If you are just getting started on your instrument, you might not know the answer to these questions. That’s ok, we’ll figure it all out together!


You have access to a dedicated shop manager! If you have questions on the status of your repair, or need to relay some information to us, just contact us.

Most communication is done via text. Our shop is pretty automated, so when we create your repair ticket, you’ll receive a text. To contact us, just reply to the text. You can of course call the shop, though we may not be able to get to the phone right away.

Bring a Case and a Humidifier

Wood is sensitive to changes in climate, and changes in humidity can cause cracks to develop in the wood of your guitar. To combat this, we keep our shop humidity and temperature controlled as best as possible. However, we strongly recommend that you bring your instrument, especially acoustic instruments, stored in a case equipped with a functioning humidifier as protection against climate variations.

If you don’t own a case or a humidifier, we can provide one if they are available in the shop. Shameless plug, we sell both.

Repair Warranty

We do our utmost to make sure your repair is perfectly executed the first time. However, if something is not to your satisfaction, let us know!

We provide a 30 day guarantee on fret work and setup work. If your setup has moved within that time, drop by and we’ll do a quick spot adjustment if at all possible. If you find the action too high or too low for your taste, let us know within 30 days and we’ll take care of it.

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