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Looking for affordable and reliable guitar maintenance and repair services in Richmond? One Three Guitar, a guitar store located in the Bellevue section of RVA, is here to assist you. We routinely handle the basics such as restrings, setups, and electronics, as well as more involved repairs such as fretwork, neck resets, and structural repairs.

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When your instrument feels difficult to play, buzzes on the frets, or sounds out of tune (after you have tuned it up), typically the instrument needs a setup. A setup fine tunes the playability of your instrument, so it feels best to your hands. After a set-up we’ll ask you to play your instrument for a few minutes, after which we’ll make any last minute adjustments you’d like.

Every setup is different, but a typical one might include:

  • Test operations of all electronics
  • Clean and polish the instrument
  • Replace strings
  • Check frets for buzzing
  • Inspect, tighten, and lubricate machine heads (tuning keys)
  • Set height of bridge for instruments with a floating tremolo
  • Adjust the neck to spec (yours or manufacturer’s)
  • Set the saddle height to spec (yours or manufacturer’s)
  • Adjust pickup height
  • Inspect and tighten output jack
  • Inspect and tighten strap buttons
  • Adjust intonation and tune to pitch
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