Back in 2017, King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard released their album Flying Microtonal Banana, where as the name suggests, they venture into some tonalities not normally heard in western music. Well, one of our customers was inspired by their work and wanted to experiment with microtones as well, so their Gio became a platform for a microtonal conversion. It’s very much in the same style as the Eastwood Custom Shop Phase 4.

Guitar in One Three Guitar store — The Flying Microtonal Gio?

Some notes on the work. The first step is to cut the new fret slots in the correct spot. After that, it becomes a typical refret job. We install the new frets using a special type of vice grip, and then we level the frets so their tops are all the same height. Then we crown the frets, which returns a round shape to the tops of the frets. Finally, it’s polishing, polishing, and more polishing.

It’s a pretty labor intensive job – polishing probably takes the longest, but taping the fretboard to protect it from damage is probably the most tedious!