We had our first lesson in the shop – it was a success, and we learned a great deal about how things will roll going forward! First off, I’d like to introduce you to our first teacher, Jason Tyler!

Jason is active in the local music scene as part of Halfcast, and graduated from VCU with a bachelors in music performance. We’re incredibly excited to be working with him! Find out more about him, and book your free intro lesson (available for a limited time) over on the lessons page.

These last few months for us have been all about learning, growing, and being flexible. Our first lesson was no exception. We have two lesson rooms just about ready to go. However, with COVID being what it is, our contingency plan is to run lessons in the retail space during non-retail hours, to allow for maximum safety. We decided to give that a whirl first, since the acoustic tiles for the lesson rooms will be installed later this week.

Overall, it was a success! Next week we plan on testing out the lesson rooms.

So a bit about the lesson rooms: they are 8×10 – plenty of room to keep social distance, and are equipped with HEPA air purifiers. They are equipped with two Boss Katana 50w amps, a whiteboard, and will have instrument and music stands within the week. Here’s the view from inside:

One Three Guitar lessons room
One Three Guitar lessons room

More pictures to come soon. If you are interested in taking lessons, head over to the lessons page and book your free intro lesson!